Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 7

Physical work, physical exercise for your body, is a necessary condition of life. A man can force others to do things for him, but he cannot free himself from the necessity of his own physical work. And if a man does not work at necessary and good things, then he will work at unnecessary and stupid things.

Work, the process of work in itself, is the most important thing for us, and its reward should be of minor importance; if it is, you please your creator, God. If the reward is of major importance for you, and the work itself of minor importance, then you are the slave of the reward and its creator, the devil, and even the lowest and the least among all devils.
— John Ruskin

A European praised the advantages of mechanized labor to a Chinese man: "This invention relieves a man from the need for physical work." But the Chinese man replied, "Physical work is good. Being relieved from physical work will be an enormous disaster."

Every physical labor makes a man more noble. If you do not teach your son some physical skills, you teach him to rob others.
— After the Talmud

Without exercise of their muscles, neither man nor animal can live. So that this exercise may give you joy and satisfaction, do good physical work. This is also the best way to serve others. 

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