Friday, March 6, 2015

March 6

Love of God is love in itself; it is love for the sake of love. This kind of love is the highest blessing. It does not allow the slightest possibility of treating even a single creature without love; if there is even one person whom you do not love, then you lose God's love and blessing.

Love of your neighbor without love of God is a plant without roots. You should love God — this love is a real and firm love. It does not become weaker, only stronger, and it gives good to those who have it.

Some say that you should be afraid of God. Not true; you have to love God. How can you love those whom you are afraid of? God is love, and how can you be afraid of love? No, you should not fear God, but love him And if you love God, then you will not be afraid of him, or anything else in the world.

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