Sunday, March 15, 2015

March 15

Be filled with love for other people, including those who are unpleasant or hostile to you. A real trial to one's love is to love your enemies.

If you love your enemies, you will have no enemies.

The most perfect among men is he who loves his neighbor without thinking about whether the person is good or bad.
— Mohammed

Be humble and oppose dissipation. Even a thin sword cannot cut soft silk. Using tender words and kindness, you can lead an elephant with a hair.
— Muslih-Ud-Din Saadi

Every time you are abused by someone and feel animosity toward him, remember that all people are children of God. Regardless of whether this person is unpleasant to you, you should not stop loving him as your brother, because, as much as you are, he is God's son. 

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