Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 26

The most important change that can occur in a person's life is a change in their faith.

Individuals die, but the wisdom they have obtained in their lives does not die with them. Mankind keeps all this wisdom, and a person uses the wisdom of those who lived before him. The education of mankind reminds me of the creation of the ancient pyramids, in that every-one who lives puts another stone in the foundation.

We are temporary visitors in this world; after we are educated, we are called to different places, and we pass away. But the general education of mankind goes on, very slowly but without interruption.
After Giuseppe Mazzini

It is a big mistake to think that faith is immutable, that it does not change over generations. The longer mankind exists, its faith becomes simpler and stronger. And the simpler and stronger our faith becomes, the better we live. If you believe that faith is the same for all times and that it cannot be changed, you might just as well believe that those fairy tales and proverbs and children's stories which your grandmother told you when you were a small baby are real, and that you ought to believe in them all your life. 

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