Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 28

Wisdom can be achieved by inner work, through solitary communication with yourself; it also can be achieved when you communicate with other people.

Listen and be attentive, but do not speak too much; and when you are asked a question, answer briefly. Do not be ashamed to accept that sometimes you do not know an answer to what you were asked. Do not get into an argument just for the sake of argument; and do not boast.
— Sufi Wisdom

You can view your own drawbacks only through the eyes of other people.
— Chinese Proverb

I have learned many things from my teachers; I have learned many things from my friends; and I have learned even more from my students.
— The Talmud

If you see a holy man, think how could I become like him? If you see a dissipated man, think: don't I have the same vices?
— Chinese Wisdom

Real love is not in words but in deeds, and only love can give you real wisdom.

When you are in company, do not forget what you have found out when you were thinking in solitude; and when you are meditating in solitude, think about what you found out by communicating with other people. 

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