Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 8

We come to a right understanding of our life in relation to God in the same way we understand our relation to the world and to its things. Without conscience, we would never know anything about God.

The question is whether the intellectual one, without the heart, can understand God. The truth is that if our heart understands God our intellect will then start to seek Him.
— George Lichtenberg

The basic foundation of the understanding of God is inside of us. — William Ellery Channing

A good worker probably does not know the details of the life of his master. Only a lazy worker tries to do nothing except find out more about his master's way of life, tastes, and preferences in order to please him. The same is true of a person's attitude to God. It is important to accept Him as your master and to know what He wants you to do. I may never know the answers to the questions "What is he?" and “How does I le live?” I will never find out because I am not equal to Him. I am His worker, not His master.

Every person understands God in different ways, but people should fulfill His will in the same way. 

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