Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5

Thought is the glorification of truth; therefore, bad thoughts are those which have not been thought through to the end.

In order that a lamp can give good light, you should put it in a place protected from the wind. If the light is in the wind, then it will leave long, trembling shadows. So too will bad thoughts drop shadows on the white surface of your soul.
— Indian Wisdom

Establish your purpose when you are alone and without temptations.
— Jeremy Bentham

Meditation is the way to eternity; lightheartedness is the way to death. Those who meditate never die; those who are lighthearted remind me of death.
— Buddhist Wisdom

You cannot send away a bad thought when it appears in your mind, but you can create other thoughts which will weaken or destroy this had thought. For example, I may imagine that your friend or neighbor has some drawback, and I may not be able to banish this thought, but when I concentrate on the thought that criticizing another person is bad because I am not perfect, and he has the same mind within him as I have within me, then I cannot stop loving this person. 

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