Thursday, November 13, 2014

November 13

Self-perfection should be one's primary motivation. If you are truthful to yourself, you will never be satisfied with yourself.

A person should always develop his ability to do goodness. Make yourself better; this should be every person's goal.
— Immanuel Kant

The first rule of achieving goodness is this: think only about self-perfection, and do so without thought to being praised by others.
— Chinese Wisdom

He who moves from doing bad deeds to doing good deeds enlightens this world like the moon coming out from behind the clouds. This is the best thing in the world; this is the first step toward divinity.
— Dhammapada, a book of Buddhist Wisdom

Those who live life in perfection look only forward; those who have stopped moving forward look back on their achievements.

Dissatisfaction is a necessary condition of intellectual life. It is only this dissatisfaction that pushes you to work.

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