Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 2

A deed done only to achieve glory is always bad, no matter what consequences it has. A deed motivated equally by the desire to achieve goodness and to achieve glory is indifferent. A deed is truly good only when its motivation is to fulfill the law of God.

If you care too much about being praised, in the end you will not accomplish anything serious. People have different values. You may say, "I want good people to value me," but you know you will respect only those who praise your actions.

We are not satisfied with our real life. We want to live an imaginary life, a life in which we seem different in the eyes of other people than we are in reality.
— Blaise Pascal

Let the judgments of others be the consequence of your deeds, not their purpose.

To live only for God, you should do good works which no one will ever discover. Do so, and you will experience a special joy. 

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