Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31

The past does not exist. The future has not begun. The present is an infinitely small point in time in which the already nonexistent past meets the imminent future. At this point, which is timeless, a person's real life exists.


"Time passes by!" we say. Time does not exist; only we move.

— After the Talmud


Time is behind us, time is before us, but in the present
there is no time.


I consist of spirit and body. Time affects the body, but the life of the spirit has no meaning either in the past or in the future. All its life is concentrated in the present.

— Marcus Tullius Cecero


Divine spirit is eternal, it exists out of time. Limitless time and space are divided into small, limited parts to be used by limited beings.

— Henri Amiel


The soul is put into our body, so that it can understand the notion of date and time. It contemplates this fact and calls it "nature."

— Blaise Pascal


Time does not exist. There is only a small and infinite present, and it is only in this present that our life occurs. Therefore, a person should concentrate all his spiritual force only on this present.

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