Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14

A person who becomes close to God understands that God lives within him. Angelus, a mystical poet of the seventeenth century, said, "I see God with the same eye with which He sees me."
Henri Amiel

The soul of a person is the lamp of God.
The Talmud

People do not know what God looks like but they live in Him and He in them.
Sufi Wisdom

Those who can raise their thoughts to heaven will always have clear days, because the sun always shines above the clouds.

If you are gnawed by desire or fear vou must not believe in God, who is filled with love, and who exists in you. If you believe in Him, you know that you need not wish for anything because the wishes of God always come true; and you need never be afraid of anything, because God fears nothing.

The nature of a soul is so mysterious that no matter how hard we try to understand it we will never be able to define it.

Whatever may happen to you, you will never be unhappy if you understand your unification with God

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