Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2

“Do not kill”: these words refer not just to the killing of a person, but to the killing of anything which is alive. This commandment was written in the people's hearts even before it was heard on Mt. Sinai.

Whatever arguments they use against vegetarianism, men cannot prevent themselves from feeling compassion and disgust at killing sheep, cows, or chickens. Most people would rather stop eating meat than kill these animals themselves.

The more people become educated and the more our population grows, the more people will move from eating animals to eating plants.

Reading and writing do not educate if they do not help people to become kinder to all animals.
John Ruskin

The stupidity, lawlessness, and harm, both physical and moral, of meat eating, is so clear that meat eating is not supported by reasoning but by old traditions and prejudices. We should not even argue about the absence of logic in eating meat; it is self-evident. 

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