Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18

Mankind moves ceaselessly toward perfection, not of every person's accord, but through the efforts that some particular individuals make toward their personal perfection. The kingdom of God will be created by these individual efforts.


Do not be embarrassed by all your bad deeds, by all your misfortunes. Do not be embarrassed, but fight ceaselessly, bravely, and without hesitation, because the kingdom of God will come.

— F. Robert De Lamennais


We hear often that there is no use in working to improve our life, to fight evil, or to establish justice, because progress will occur by itself. Imagine that a boat floats along a river. Imagine that those who have sat by the oars and rowed tirelessly have stopped and gone ashore; and that the travelers who remain in the boat do not bother to take up the oars and push the boat further, but think that it will travel by itself, as before, into the future.


Life has no meaning without purpose. To lack purpose is to deny the existence of God and to admit that our life is an evil, stupid joke.

— Giuseppi Mazzini


All our history proves that God may be understood, not by reasoning, but by submission to Him and observance to His laws. Only by doing this can we understand His will on earth.

— John Ruskin


Every person should make a small effort, even the smallest effort, to improve the general well-being of humanity.

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