Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 23

No matter how big mankind's store of knowledge seems to me in comparison with our previous ignorance, it is only an infinitely small part of all possible knowledge.


Socrates did not have the weakness of many scholars, the desire to know about all possible things, to learn the origins and explanations of things - what the Sophists call "the nature of things" - and to uncover the origins of the celestial bodies. Socrates said, "Is it true that people are so concerned with these earthly things? People wrongly think that they should know everything. They think that they can despise the most necessary and important fields of knowledge, and penetrate the mysteries that do not belong to us."



Not only is real science not hostile to religion, in fact real science always supports it.

— John Ruskin


Knowledge is limitless, and the most scholarly and educated person is as far from true knowledge as an uneducated peasant.

— John Ruskin


We cannot imagine the scope of our ignorance, just as a blind man cannot imagine darkness until he can see.

Immanuel Kant


It is better to know less than necessary than to know more than necessary. Do not fear the lack of knowledge, but truly fear unnecessary knowledge which is acquired only to please vanity.

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