Monday, October 27, 2014

October 15

Your chief task in life is the care of your soul. You should care for your soul and work to improve it, and you can improve it only with love.

The meaning of life lies in two major areas: your personal perfection and service to other people. You can serve while you are moving toward perfection, and you can move toward perfection by serving people.

When I talk of moving toward perfection, I mean moving from a material to a spiritual plane, a plane of goodness, without time or death.

Only one step lies between a five-year-old child and a man of my age. Between a newborn baby and a five-year-old child lies a huge distance. Between a fetus and a newborn baby lies an abyss; and between nonexistence and a fetus lies not only an abyss, but a gulf that surpasses comprehension.

From childhood to death, humans, no matter their lot in life, should strive to grow to get closer and closer to the spiritual life. Strive to learn what God wants, and your life will become filled with freedom and joy.

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