Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 22

Faith in the existence of eternity is our exclusively human quality.


The soul does not live in the body as in a house, but as in a tent, a place of temporary dwelling.

— Indian Wisdom


Who brought me into this world? According to whose command do I find myself at this exact place, during this particular time? Life is the remembrance of a very short day we spent visiting this world.

— Blaise Pascal

Mortal people cannot live long we have only a few moments. But our soul does not age. It believes in eternal things, and it will live for all eternity.


Death is the destruction of the bodily organs with which I see my world during my life; the destruction of the glass through which I look at this world. The destruction of this glass does not mean the destruction of the eye itself.

Our understanding of eternity is the voice of God who lives within us.

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