Monday, October 27, 2014

October 24

If the foundation of our life were not of the same nature in all of us, then we would not be able to explain those feelings of compassion to each other which we really experience.

Compassion expressed in response to rage is the same as water for fire. When you are in a rage, try to feel compassion for the other person, and then your rage will disappear.
— After Arthur Schopenhauer

There are many people who are more unhappy than you. This message cannot be a roof under which you may live, but it will be enough of a roof under which you may hide from storms.

You hide from your misfortunes. But if you knew what other people suffered, then you would not complain about your own.
— Solon

Real compassion begins only when you put yourself in the place of those who suffer, and you feel real suffering.

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