Sunday, April 26, 2015

April 26

The understanding of the existence of God is accessible to everybody; the complete understanding of the essence of God is not accessible to any person.

All the nations of the world name and respect God. Different people give him different names, and put different clothes on him; but there is only one God under all these different manifestations.  
— Jean Jacques Rousseau

Faith in God is as natural to men as their ability to walk on two feet. This faith can be modified, and it can even disappear in some individuals; but as a rule, it is necessary for intellectual life in society.
— After George Lichtenberg

There are some statements which cannot he fathomed: God exists or he does not exist; the soul exists in the body, or we do not have a soul; the world was created or the world was not created.
Blaise Pascal

Live in God, live together with God, by understanding Him in you, and do not try to define Him with words.

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