Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2

The closer people are to the divine, the more tolerant they are of the mistakes of others.

Those who don't believe in the spiritual foundations of their faith, who only pay lip service to the outer shell of their religious rituals, cannot be tolerant of others.

There is one hard and fast rule we must always remember: if a good end can be achieved only through bad means, either it is not good after all, or its time has not yet come.

Intolerant and power-hungry priests and pastors bring about the negation of religion.
— William Warburton

Unbelievers can be equally intolerant as those who believe with crude, primitive understanding.
— Jean France Duclos

A real truth, a real faith, needs neither worldly support nor an outer glamour, nor does it need to be forcefully introduced to others. God has time, for Him thousands of years pass as one.

Those who feel the need to spread their faith through violence and force either lack faith in God, or in themselves.

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