Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14

Violence is harmful because it is usually dressed in wealth, and it therefore arouses some respect for those things which should arouse disgust.

People who have power are sure that it is only violence that guides people, and so they use violence to support the existing order. But the existing order is not based on violence, but on public opinion.

A person is not created either to subdue others, or to follow the orders of others. People are corrupted by both ways of behavior. In the first they assume too much importance, in the second, too little respect. In both ways there is very little dignity.
— Victor Considérant

Our life would become wonderful if we could see all the disgusting things which exist in it.
— Henry David Thoreau

Subduing people through violence is never justice.
— Blaise Pascal

He who depends on violence behaves wrongly. The maker of beautiful speeches is not wise, only he who is free from hatred and fear is truly wise.
— Buddhist Wisdom

All violence is contrary to love: do not participate in violence.

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