Friday, April 25, 2014

April 21

In the future, the order of the social life of the Christian world will be changed by the replacement of violence and its fears with love and blessing.

Thus I command you, to love one another.
— John 15:17-19

It is a mistake to think that there are times when you can safely address a person without love. You can work with objects without love — cutting wood, baking bricks, making iron — but you cannot work with people without love. In the same way as you cannot work with bees without being cautious, you cannot work with people without being mindful of their humanity. It is the quality of people as it is the quality of people as it is of bees: if you are not very cautious with them, then you harm both yourself and them. It cannot be otherwise, because mutual love is the major law of our existence.

Until I can see that the major commandment of Christ — love your enemies — is being fulfilled, I will continue to believe that many people are not real Christians, but only pretend to be Christians.
— Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

The worst mistake which was ever made in this world was the separation of political science from ethics.
— Percy Bysshe Shelly

You should live so that it is possible to create the kingdom of love on earth. You should live a life based not on violence but on love. 

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