Saturday, August 16, 2014

August 16

We are spiritually connected on all sides, not only with people but with all living creatures.

Someone told me once that every person has an element of good and an element of bad within him, and that either the good or the bad can be manifested according to the person’s mood. We possess within us two different ways of understanding this world. One is the feeling of being divided, distanced, and alienated from each other; in this state, all things seem gloomy to us. We feel nothing except jealousy, indifference, and hatred. I would like to call the opposite way of understanding the understanding of universal uniļ¬cation. In this state, all people seem very close to us, and all are equal among themselves. This state, therefore, arouses compassion and love in us.
— Arthur Schopenhauer

All people have the same origin, are bound by the same law, and were created for the same purpose. Therefore, we should have one faith, one purpose to our actions, one banner under which we live and fight.
— Giuseppi Mazzini

We should always try to find those things which do not separate us from other people but which unite us. To work against each other, to be angry and turn your back on each other is to work against nature.
— Marcus Aurelius

Try to understand the unity of all living things. Try to serve and suffer with all living beings.

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